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It’s a Wrap: Beautiful, Comforting & Free! Head Scarves For Cancer Patients

Good Wishes Scarve RecipientFor a lot of people, losing their hair is one of the toughest parts about going through chemo.

“I think of almost all the things I endured during the diagnosis and the surgery and the treatment, losing my hair was the hardest,” says breast cancer survivor Susie Craig. “I had really think, long, dark hair and I just couldn’t imagine myself bald. It was very very difficult.”

When Craig was diagnosed with breast cancer at Overlake Hospital, she was given a pamphlet about the Good Wishes program, an organization that gives silk head scarves to cancer patients. It was started, almost by accident, five years ago by Laurie Erickson in North Bend.

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Program Provides Head Wraps To Cancer Patients

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